PIR insulation

PIR insulation

PIR insulation

PIR high-efficiency insulation: better for the environment and end user

PIR ensures the highest insulation values in the building envelope, resulting in significant savings on energy costs.
PIR has a long life and is a very light insulating material so a heavy construction is not necessary.

Why choose PIR insulation?

Lagere milieubelasting

Lower environmental impact

Another big advantage of PIR is the lower environmental impact. 8% of the polyols from which the insulating material is made comes from recycled PET bottles. The raw materials for the insulating material come from Europe, so fewer kilometres have to be travelled during transport. Biological raw materials are used when possible.

Energiezuinig proces

Energy-efficient process

PIR sheets are manufactured using an extremely energy-efficient process with barely any CO2 emissions. The little residual waste remaining is again processed in for example flooring. If a home is demolished? The PIR sheets can be re-used in another building.

Lower net CO2 emissions

Our Research and Development department constantly introduces product improvements to obtain better Lambda values. We then ensure lower net CO2 emissions per m³ of manufactured product in comparison with alternative, comparable materials.

PIR recycling

PIR insulation can also be recycled in different ways. One option is to grind the material down before pressing it to make compression-resistant plates. These can then be used in doors, lorries, trains and even caravans. Significant steps have also been taken to chemically recycle PU to create new raw materials.

Hoogrendements PIR-isolatie


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