Bitumen: advantages for the climate, comfort and the wallet

IKO resolutely opts for bitumen as roof covering!
For flat roofs, bituminous membranes are the perfect choice to achieve a bulletproof watertight and sustainable roofing system.

Our efforts:

Long lifespan

Bitumen is a natural product used to make flat roofs waterproof. It has the advantage that after a life of 35 years the original roof can be layered over up to two times. When layered over once the total life of the roof is already extended to 70 years. As distinct from water sealing with other materials, no roof waste is produced after renovation with bitumen.

Lagere milieubelasting


When a building is demolished, the bitumen roofing felt is processed to create raw materials for new roofing felt. This also applies for the cutting waste that originates when laying a new roof. The use of recycled material causes a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions. The mechanically fixed and loose-lying ballasted flat roof systems from IKO fit perfectly in a circular approach.


Our white IKO Carrara and IKO Secura roofing products are also provided with a titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating so the roof is given an air-purifying effect. The creation of particulate and ozone is then limited. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) from the air are converted under the influence of UV to harmless environmentallyneutral substances. These converted environmentally-neutral substances have no influence on the quality of surface water and form nutrients for fauna and flora.

Did you know?

Each 1,000 m2 of IKO Carrara roof neutralises the annual emissions of six cars.


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