IKO Processes

With our processes we contribute to achieving:

betaalbare en duurzame energie

Affordable and sustainable energy

Responsible consumption and production


Action on the climate

Striving for improvement and efficiency

Our focus on improvement and efficiency has results including lower energy consumption,
a reduction in or better control of waste material flows and better performing products.

Reductie van virgin’ solventen

Reduction of virgin solvents

If we cannot yet work with water-based products, we use recycled solvents to the extent possible. Their ecological footprint is 46-92% less than with the production of virgin solvents.

0,5 % snijresten - 100 % upcycling

0.5 % cutting remains - 100 % upcycling

We use the cutting remains from the production of PIR to produce briquettes. These serve as a filler in other building applications. This means we produce no waste.

Productie-uitval van bitumen dakbanen

Production waste from bitumen roofing felt

We grind and re-use production waste from bitumen roofing felt in the production process. We emphatically put the focus on optimising our process to then produce less waste.

ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 14001 is the international standard on the requirements of an environmental management system. Our European factories are ISO 14001 certified. This means we properly manage the environmental risks of our business operations.


IKO is the only producer with its own terminal with which all bitumen is received using seagoing vessels.

Each year the raw materials arrive on some 10 ships; this means a reduction of some thousands of movements compared to transport by road.

As a full-service supplier, IKO ensures logical freight combinations of different products. Our construction materials are then taken to the construction projects with fewer transport movements.

In the Netherlands we transport the goods by mega-trailers to reduce emissions of CO2. For each vehicle this means up to 25% lower CO2 emissions. In addition we optimise each logistical flow to drive as little as possible.



We use an integrated approach to make our buildings more sustainable as far as energy consumption is concerned. This happens from the offices through to the production lines. We use LED lighting, while the canopy on our factory has photovoltaic panels.

The IKO machinery has monitoring systems to measure energy consumption at each stage of the production process. This means we see when a machine is not operating with optimal energy consumption and we can take action. The compressed air systems in the production process are also continually monitored. Should there be a compressed air leak somewhere, this is immediately signalled and repaired.

These measures ensure that practically no energy is wasted.



IIKO supplies all its products with as little and thin as possible packaging material.

Examples are:
- bitumen rolls have 3 tapes; this is an absolute minimum.
- cover plates on the top of pallets have no longer been used for some time.

Waste caused by packaging is then reduced to a minimum.

- the pallet shrink film material can be recycled.

All these initiatives ensure that IKO keeps packaging material to a minimum. And the packaging material that still remains is re-used or used as a raw material for other purposes.


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