We also endeavour to assure decent work and economic growth, while contributing to climate action. We understood our DNA as the way our employees contribute to reducing the ecological footprint, and how we cooperate with each other. Or call it how we behave.

We attach great importance to the welfare of our employees. In so doing we work on a healthy but also a safe working environment. We strictly follow the rules and regulations and strive for zero accidents.

We also focus on sustainable mobility, digitisation and ergonomics and we motivate our employees to join us in taking these initiatives.

We are absolutely opposed to child labour and discrimination. The working conditions of everyone who works (in)directly with IKO must therefore be optimal.

Our production staff are involved with the safety objectives and quality programmes at IKO. This is encouraged with various incentive programmes.

Our planet is reaching its limits. At IKO we are making serious efforts to increase the sustainability of our products and processes. Out of respect for our planet Earth.

Dirk Theuns
CEO IKO Insulations Europe, IKO NV, & IKO BV


We carry out an active policy concerning carpooling and set an upper limit for CO2 emissions from our leased vehicles. Driving on diesel is discouraged, electric mobility is encouraged.

Electric mobility is an option within each category. Our premises have their own charging points. Where possible we cut out travel altogether.


In our offices we actively restrict the use of single-use plastics to a minimum. We also work further on digitisation. We make constantly more use of conference calls for internal and external communication. Working digitally also reduces paper consumption. We use responsibly produced paper (FSC) to the extent possible and only source printed matter from (preferred) suppliers who have the appropriate environmental certificates.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were drawn up in 2015 by the international community as part of the UN’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, with which countries of the world collectively pledged to eliminate poverty, find sustainable and inclusive development solutions, respect everyone’s human rights and make sure that no one is left behind in 2030 in general.

There are 17 defined SDGs with 169 associated goals that must be achieved by 2030. They tackle the global challenges that the world is confronted with and approach all dimensions of sustainable development in a balanced and integrated manner.

IKO focuses on five of these objectives to make a positive and constructive contribution to the progress of Agenda 2030. We are determined to implement these SDGs in all our policies.

IKO Values

We believe that cooperating to share knowledge and understanding in a climate of teamwork and operational perfection will result in the best offer for customers and a healthy working environment for employees.

We believe that acting with honesty, respect and responsibility and by being accountable we can carry out our business operations in all integrity.

We believe that with every decision account must be taken of the current and future consequences for employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the assurance of the continued success of the organisation.

We believe that by constantly challenging ourselves to do everything we do better, we can create an added value for everyone.

We believe in humility and ensuring honest, open and respectful interaction with all people, both internally and externally, irrespective of their role.

We believe having an open mind, looking at alternatives, and being prepared to make decisions in good time based on knowledge, experience and reliable information are important to our success.

Participation in sustainability initiatives

Our units take part in various sustainability initiatives at local level.


  • Subscription to the energy policy of the Flemish Government
  • Activities for “De Warmste Week” from Studio Brussel
  • Natuurpunt

IKO Antwerp (the head office) forms part of the Blue Gate initiative, the first eco-effective, water-related and climate-neutral industrial estate in Belgium. Would you like to know more? Surf to www.bluegateantwerp.eu

The Netherlands

  • Participation in IcDuBo (Innovation Centre for Sustainable Building): the largest centre for sustainable building in the Netherlands
  • DUBOkeur® quality marks on various products. Products with this quality mark cause no harmful emissions, leaching and/or fumes in the phase of use of the product.
  • Sustainably Built is the ultimate national full knowledge platform in the building and real estate sector in the field of sustainability.
  • The partners in the National Rooftop Plan work together on real action and products. IKO works on widening the mindset regarding multifunctional rooftop use; the purpose is to make the social gains that can be secured with multifunctional roofs more widely known.
  • Trees for all: planting 650 trees in the Netherlands and several developing countries.

IKO B.V. and IKO Insulations B.V. are established on the Port of Moerdijk industrial estate. With the construction of seven wind turbines and bringing a solar array with some 18,000 solar panels into use, the industrial estate will be fully energy-neutral from 2030.


IKO Insulations BV


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