The whole cycle: from raw material to re-use

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Post-insulating with PIR insulation immediately increases comfort in the home. Heat loss is considerably limited, and that has a welcome effect on energy bills. The total cost of ownership of a roof is then considerably less than a roof made of other materials.


Grey water recovery

As it does not leach, each bituminous top layer with mineralised finish from IKO is suitable for grey water recovery. The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) recently investigated this, and concluded that no differences with other roofing materials could be measured for the re-use of rainwater. You can find a publication on this investigation on the Probitumen website.

White roofing

IKO also produces white bitumen roofing that is good for the environment. The highly reflective white mineral finish gives this bitumen roofing felt an SRI of 82 so the roof warms up less. This also means solar panels are more efficient, and the internal temperature in buildings increases less quickly. The SRI of 82 means the roof surface has a maximum temperature of 51.4 °C on a hot sunny day. With a black EPDM roof the temperature can increase to up to 82 °C. Tests have shown that HVAC installations use a good 15 less kWh on a white roof.

Did you know?

Our roof systems consist of products that complement each other. Independent bodies test these systems including on assembly, disassembly and reassembly. Also for renovation.


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